Wedding, event and party catering services in Devon, Dorset and Somerset

Thanks so much for cooking for us. It was delicious as always. To see the fruits of garden and of the moment prepared with such love and originality is always a pleasure.

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At Kit & Kee we cook with the seasons, sourcing ingredients from our own small farms. We believe in eating ingredients at the peak of their seasons, growing the best heritage varieties and rearing traditional, slow growing breeds for the best flavour.

We use age-old techniques of curing, smoking, fermenting and preserving that allow us to produce delicious foods all year round. At Bottle Farm we even make charcuterie from our own rare breed pigs.

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We cater for weddings in Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We can organise everything from the marquee and equipment hire to the flowers and cocktails, whether in a tent in a field or a fully-equipped venue. Our waiting staff, chefs and barmen will look after you and your guests from start to finish, helping to make it a truly unforgettable day.

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We have been working with large and small companies throughout the country for many years. Our commitment to sustainable catering is a key selling point for many businesses that care about their impact on the environment.

We can take care of the planning for large corporate events, delivering successful conferences, training events and celebrations within the workplace as well as at hired venues.

We also deliver hampers and picnics for large scale events – from garden operas to county shows and sporting events.

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Cooking Over Fire

We love to cook outside. Whether roasting whole lambs on the asado cross, smoking sea trout over apple wood or grilling Padron peppers on locally-kilned charcoal, there is nothing better or more theatrical for your party than a feast cooked outside. 

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Our cocktails are a bit different. We make our own tinctures, cordials and syrups from wild ingredients as well as fruits and herbs from the garden. Our soft drinks are special too.

Our bar staff are as adept at making a rhubarb and kefir sparkler as a  quince gin and meadowsweet spritz or even one of our famous cold-pressed nitro espresso martinis – served on tap from our zinc-topped bar. 

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