Cooking Over Fire Menus

Asado; Firepit; Smoker and Barbeque Catering Menus


Please note that this is a selection of barbeque menus to inspire and to give a starting point for our conversation with you. No two menus are ever the same. We work with you, and with the seasons, to create a menu that is truly special and genuinely unique.

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A June Party for a 21st Birthday

We dug a fire pit in the field and made a fire with oak logs and locally-kilned charcoal. 100 guests drank local cider and beer from kegs, while grazing at sharing boards before sitting down at long trestle tables, decorated with jars of wildflowers, for a feast of slowly-smoked beef and whole sirloins grilled on the fire.


Sharing Boards:
A Taste of Lyme Bay: pickled mussels with shallots and cider; smoked cod brandade with green olives and parsley; grilled mackerel with gooseberries and little gem

Bottle Farm Charcuterie: Devon prosciutto, coppa, pressed pig’s cheek, crackling and fennel salami. Served with Trill Farm pickles and ferments.

Kit & Kee sourdough bread and cultured butter

Main course:
Trill farm 6 week aged Devon Ruby Red beef cooked over coals:
Sirloins and rumps marinated and served pink
Brisket and flank cider brined, cooked low and slow
Salsa verde
Grilled Dalwood asparagus with ajo blanco
Freshly dug new potatoes, charred spring onion and herbs
Trill Farm Garden Summer salad, sprouted seeds & elderflower vinaigrette

Rhubarb, roasted over the fire with sweet marjoram, ginger mousse and oat crumble

Dirty Devon ramen pots
Slow cooked barbeque pork, rice noodles, garden vegetables, soft egg, chilli and sesame

A 20th wedding anniversary

For a party of 50 in July we set up a barbecue and smoker serving canapes and champagne cocktails to guests on arrival with and served a four-course menu you have smoked and grilled seafood followed by sorbet, cheese and pudding.


Venison sliders, rhubarb and smoked onion ketchup
Ceviche with rhubarb, ginger and chervil
Ember-baked beetroot, caramelised walnut za’atar
Organic chicken terrine, tarragon, broad beans and preserved lemon
Pan con tomate with Berkswell cheese
Radishes dipped in cultured butter with Dorset sea salt

Hand-dived scallops, cooked on the embers in the half shell with black garlic butter,
sugar snaps, sesame seeds and pea shoots

Main course:
Line-caught sea trout cooked by fire on a cedar plank
Charred spring onion and summer herb mayonnaise
New potatoes with brown butter and dill
Grilled French beans with shallots, smoked almonds and lemon
Trill Farm Garden salad, tarragon cream and summer herb dressing

Little Ryding cheese with pickled cherries and spelt biscuits

Gooseberry sorbet, macerated strawberries, elderflower and oat crumble

Petits fours:
Dark chocolate caramel truffles with smoked sea salt

A Summer Garden Party

For a party of 40 in September we cooked one our host’s Jacob hoggets in the Argentinian way – the lamb roasted whole on a cross stuck into the ground next to a wood fire. It makes a theatrical centrepiece to a relaxed party and no better way to celebrate the equinox and harvest time.


Devilled crab and little gem
Aubergine caviar, linseed cracker and dried chuckleberry
Pan con tomate with Bottle Farm prosciutto
Parmesan sablés, pickled mushrooms and labneh

Main course:
Jacob lamb cooked on the Asado cross, basted with herbs and cider
Ember-baked baby beetroots and grilled courgettes with pumpkin seeds and anchovy
Barley tabbouleh, fresh pea shoots and wild garlic capers
Trill Farm Garden Summer salad, sprouted seeds and blackcurrant vinaigrette
Grilled cherry tomatoes, spiced cauliflower, yoghurt and dill

Brulée custard tart, macerated raspberries and mead

Coffee with Cognac and whipped cream; clotted cream fudge

A Late Autumn Banquet

In a tithe barn in Somerset wedding guests enjoyed a memorable Autumn feast. Seafood platters were strewn down the long tables as a starter and then we served our own rare breed pork cooked over the coals in two ways for the main course, with squash cooked in the embers and autumnal salads.


Portland Rock oysters, burnt lemon and hot sauce
Brownsea Island cockles with little gem, tomato, garlic and migas
Old Dairy Kitchen hot smoked trout and horseradish
Potted Lyme Bay crab
Kit & Kee sourdough and rye bread, cultured butter

Main course:
Bottle Farm rare breed pork cooked over coals:
Low and slow sticky shoulder, basted with rhubarb Barbeque sauce
Porchetta of rolled loin and belly with lemon, fennel and garlic
Crown prince squash with sage, chilli and lemon
Trill Farm Garden winter salad, sprouted seeds and crab apple vinaigrette
Raw celeriac, apple, pickled red onions and hazelnuts

Torched and caramelised pear, smoked almond praline, yoghurt sorbet

Cheeses from the South West, including Westcombe cheddar, Barn Bigod, Bath Blue, Renegade Monk and Tor. Served with our own crackers, oatcakes and lavoche, runner bean pickle and beetroot chutney